Warfare Weekly #6 (11/19)

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3 min readNov 19, 2022


You have been chosen to compete in a grand spectacle like no other…

Warfare Weekly may not actually be weekly, yet… sorry! But, we will get there!

We finally have some updates to share with the Abducted!

Game Development Update

Cpt. Kled and his team have been working hard on building features from the ground up, fixing any issues, creating UI’s and implementing new animations. Thanks to him and his team for all their hard work so far.

Map + UI Update

We have re-textured and improved our first arena map (Abandoned Storage) and are still working on the second map.

We also have a new mini-map system that you can also get a glimpse of in the GIF below. This will be updated to show a “Call of Duty style” blueprint background that allows the player to easily see objects, passable terrain, teammates and pickup items such as weapons and lethal equipment!

We will soon be updating more features for the in-game UI such as the score tracker, player icons + health bars, weapon and inventory icons.

This will edge us even closer to our first Early Access phase!

Menu Screens and UI

Our very first landing menu has been implemented. Artwork is being made for this, and all the following screens. But you can get an idea of how our menus will be displayed, and how navigation will work.

For now most features are restricted as we develop the game. But here you are able to choose a nickname, select your region server and change your character skin!

Currently, to change your skin, you can click on the character model. You are then taken to…

This character collection screen!

Eventually, there will be a wide range of skins available, depending on individual account ownerships. These will be earned from playing the game and unlocking them or purchasing them from our Warstore or Marketplace.

There will of course be other opportunities in the future to receive FREE character and weapon skins for participating in the Warfare One community. From which you can freely equip and use in-game, or list them on our in-house Marketplace!

Take a look at the current flow in the GIF below.

Discord Vault Code

245 — multi-use code, first 5 Abductees only.

That’s all for now! We are hyped with the progress and looking forward to gracing the Arena and competing against the first Contenders… (Warfare Weekly may still not actually be Weekly for a short while! WE BUILD!)



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