Warfare Weekly #5 (10/29)

Warfare One
4 min readOct 29, 2022

You have been chosen to compete in a grand spectacle like no other…

Warfare Weekly is back! For future reference, Warfare Weekly will be posted on Saturdays instead of Fridays going forward.

Website Launch

As you may know, our website recently launched (warfareone.com) and we have received amazing feedback from the community. Thanks to everyone who let us know their opinions, and also what can be improved to improve user experience.

We will be pushing minor updates to the website over the next week, including an improved loading screen, and a higher quality and more optimised PLAY button pop-up message.

Name Competition and Giveaway Winners

Our Twitter name competition for “Mafia Guy”—that was then moved to Discord for a community vote — has concluded.

The winning name was “Al PaChaino” suggested by Bourbin! Thanks also to our runners up, Mr Fabio & DjMarsman, and also to everyone else who suggested names. Bourbin, Mr Fabio & DjMarsman will all receive a free Al PaChaino skin when the game launches, and for winning, Bourbin will receive a free revealed character!

So, everyone, meet Al PaChaino!

Our Twitter & Discord giveaways have also concluded with $100 in total and a Legacy Role being given away. The winners are below:

Twitter: avaxclarz ∀ 🔺 🐉 & @nealmikeoficial

Discord: AAFree & JBT

Legacy Winner: @MagrelãoSativo

More giveaways will be coming soon. To combat bots and fake users entering giveaways, we will be changing up how and who is eligible to enter future competitions and giveaways. We want to reward genuine people who benefit the community! We noticed an influx of fake users entering our last Discord giveaway, and this of course isn’t something we want. We apologise for that and will look to change how this is done next time.

Team Update

As announced in Discord, we have had an amazing team addition with Probably Priest joining The Hive in an advisory role!

Priest has already been helping out with various aspects of the project, and his input is highly valued by us. The addition of Priest gives us that extra level of experience and knowledge and will allow us to steer the project in the best direction possible.

Thanks again Priest, and welcome!

You have officially been abducted.

Game Development Update

We are still working on improving many aspects of the game including animations, sounds and the weapons themselves. We currently have 10 base weapons, and its important they are well balanced whilst also being unique.

We will soon be implementing bullet impacts and tracers that will indicate what weapon type the player is using, and will vary depending on the surface. This will allow the players to adapt how they are playing in certain situations, knowing they may have an advantage at different ranges!

As things start coming together, we will be able to post more in-depth insights and provide more gameplay, before Early Access begins!

Discord Vault Information


First to crack it, gets it.

That’s all, the Abducted.



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