Warfare Weekly #4 (10/21)

Warfare One
3 min readOct 21, 2022

You have been chosen to compete in a grand spectacle like no other…

Welcome back to Warfare Weekly, with number 4! Slightly late, but better late than never. Lets get into it.


Our website is now LIVE! warfareone.com

Desktop and mobile versions are both available.

Check it out and let us know what you think! There is still some minor improvements to be made, and we will of course be updating the website as the project progresses.


To celebrate the launch of our website, we will be hosting several giveaways across Twitter and Discord!

Twitter: $25 in AVAX to 2 winners
Discord: $25 in AVAX to 2 winners AND a Legacy Role

Not already following our Twitter or in our Discord? Get involved here:
Twitter — twitter.com/warfareone
Discord — https://discord.gg/hxg5T5CeZW

Honourable Mention

We wanted to give a shout-out to Probably Priest who has been offering his input and feedback for multiple aspects of the project.

We are thrilled to have someone like Priest excited about the project and willing to help with so much enthusiasm.

Thank you Priest for all your efforts and input so far!

Arena Duel Rewards

Here's a glimpse at just some of our NFT rewards for Arena Duels (2v2) that will players will be able to earn by playing the game!

We will have 4 different weapon styles available initially. Oh, and maybe a super special 5th style for those who really dedicate themselves to the Arena!

Of course, these will be tradable on our Marketplace if you wish, and will only ever be obtainable during the early stages of the game. Don’t miss out!

Game Development Update

We will have a lot of changes and updates to the game over the next few weeks. Everything will be piecing together nicely in anticipation of our first play testers!

Early version of the line-of-sight system

We are working on some more UI design ideas. Here is a look at one of our designs for how the menu system could potentially work, and how UI features may be displayed.

Our ideas will soon be presented to our designers, and we will begin building the first version of the menu and in-game user interface!

Example home screen/menu UI

We are still working on a lot of in-game features as mentioned in the last Warfare Weekly, and are expecting some big improvements relatively soon that will massively improve the game flow and overall quality of the gameplay.

See you next week, Contenders!



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