Warfare Weekly #3 (10/7)

Warfare One
3 min readOct 7, 2022

You have been chosen to compete in a grand spectacle like no other…

Number 3… lets go!

Website Progress

Still super close, we are finalising minor details as we speak. We want it to look as pretty and clean as possible… need to keep those Overlords happy! We are expecting launch within a week, and we may also have a giveaway to celebrate, so keep your eyes peeled.

The mobile design has been mostly completed, pending minor changes. Work on that has begun already! Here is a glimpse of how the Roadmap will be viewable on mobile:

Marketing + Community Building

Game development is progressing super well. This means we are approaching Early Access quickly… we can’t wait to get everyone involved. As this approaches, we will soon be looking to massively increase our marketing efforts and getting some more eyes on the project!

We are also working on a short video that will showcase some gameplay and outline some features to build some hype!

Also, here is a look at a few more in-game 3D weapon models, because, why not?

MP40, Hunting Rifle + AK47.

Better get finding that Arena Partner pretty soon.

Game Development Update

The latest game development cycle has just been concluded!

We are now moving on to the next cycle where we will begin working on an important core feature, a line-of-sight system! Plus a lot more:

  • Creating and implementing a slide feature, that will have a different use and feel to the roll feature
  • The first map is having a manual terrain re-texture to add more detail to the map, making it look much nicer
  • The second map is being designed that will have a different layout, size and theme to the first map. Feeling cold anyone?
  • Sound design will be worked on to increase the overall depth and atmosphere
  • Game UI is getting an overhaul, including mini-map, health bars + adding more useful indicators for the player
  • The grenade system is getting heavily refined and improved
  • Adding more playable skins to the current build, including the Unrevealed Character. You can see this in our Discord (sneak peeks)!

Discord Improvements

We will be implementing and creating some improvements to our Discord server over the next couple weeks, including an in-depth glossary channel full of all the information you need regarding Warfare One! We are branding this the:

W.I.D. Warfare Information Database

This will be a useful and practical tool for community members and players in the future as more features are developed and the project progresses.

That’s all for this week, Contenders!



Warfare One

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