Warfare Weekly #2 (9/30)

Warfare One
4 min readSep 30, 2022

You have been chosen to compete in a grand spectacle like no other…

Welcome to the second Warfare Weekly!

Lets get straight into it…

Website Update

The website is super close to being completed for desktop devices. We ran into some slight issues with image scaling that are being fixed beginning Monday. So, we are anticipating the website to launch during the later stages of next week.

The mobile version of the website will be worked on upon finalisation of the desktop version.

Voidy Position Change

“It has come to our attention that a particular individual has proven themselves beyond their initial worth as our asset. With impressive initiative and determination, they have not only taken upon the duties of their prescribed role with no fault, but greatly exceeded them as well. It is because of this, along with the opening of a position, that we, the Overlords of the Warfare One arena, grant Voidy the rank of Warlord and welcome him to the highest seat beside our council.”

@Voidy has been given the position of Warlord in the Discord to better reflect his position within the project.

He joins @P2E_with_Chris on the Warlord Council!

Grant Proposal

We are currently working hard on writing and creating our extensive grant proposal!

We are taking the opportunity to explore all of our available options, assessing what is available and how it will benefit Warfare One in the long run.

White Fang Character Update

The White Fang 3D model has been completed, and will be usable by our Founder Chris within the game. This is what the first Infinity Pass minters can expect, accompanied with a lore story taking place on our Gitbook, and their character embedded in Warfare One history forever!

Take a look at the completed model below!

Also, here is some more awesome artwork for White Fang!

The next lore character is now being worked on, we will share 2D and 3D designs with you as we receive them!

Game Development Update

We continue to make fantastic progress on the game, with some big and small changes being made, the game is starting to look and feel great, and we still have a lot to implement and refine before we have our first playtest.

Our first map (we shared the 2D design in last weeks Medium) now has the first 3D design implemented and is currently being used in our test environment! It has been fantastic to see something else come to life, and we have already begun to make quality improvements and refine other features now we have our own map to explore.

Early 3D design of our first 2v2 map, Abandoned Storage

We have introduced a new roll animation (which will be improved to stop clipping) which is more in line to what we are looking for. The roll will eventually be used as a dodge ability, allowing you to jump out of the way of all projectiles that otherwise would have hit you.

We will push the roll live alongside a slide. The slide will have a different use to the roll, and will not make you safe from projectiles, but may allow you to shoot whilst sliding, and provide a small speed boost.

Since last week, we have improved several game aspects:
-New walking/running animation implemented (looks much cleaner and smoother)
-Refined camera angle slightly
-Improved global lighting
-New map introduced
-New roll animation introduced
-Weapons test system, allowing us to fine tune weapon attributes
-First grenade arc system implemented

We are now focusing on:
-Further movement improvements, fine tuning details
-Pushing all 3D gun models (currently 9) into the game whilst working on weapon attributes
-Working on a weapon pickup system that is clearly visualised for players in the game
-Exploring new shaders to further improve art style
-Implementing a line of sight system!

That’s all for now. Any feedback or ideas, make sure to hit us up in Discord.

See you next time, Contenders!



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