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Warfare One
7 min readSep 23, 2022

You have been chosen to compete in a grand spectacle like no other…

Welcome to the first ever Warfare Weekly! We will be sharing project updates every Friday to allow the community to track our progress and read more in-depth about what is being worked on.

We have had a very busy past two weeks, with some important changes to the project being made. Our Gitbook will also include some updates and changes to reflect the amendments.

Lets start off by discussing the adjustments to the Roadmap.

Roadmap Changes

So, what's changing? The main things to mention are this:
-The Infinity Pass Mint is being pushed back
-We are launching a 2v2 Game mode BEFORE the Battle Royale

Ok, so why is the Infinity Pass Mint being delayed?

Our initial plan was to launch the Infinity Pass Mint before the game was available to play in any format by our community members. We realised this was not the best time to launch it, especially due to the game not being in peoples hands before the mint itself happens.

Furthermore, due to the future perks of holding an Infinity Pass and high quality 3D artwork. We want to develop our community further, allow people to fully understand and appreciate the high standard of game we want to create and strive for, and what our ambitions are. We truly believe when people play the game and experience our cosmetic NFT system, store and marketplace, they will be able to envision our goal more clearly. Making the Infinity Pass a more sought after item.

Don’t forget, our first 10 Infinity Pass Holders will be able to customise and tailor their very own 1/1 in-game character, with a full lore backstory displayed on our Gitbook that may make appearances in lore related material (and possibly future games…).

Our project Founder, @P2E_with_Chris, is creating the first in-game 3D character model by working with artists and our game development team. This character will only ever be available to Chris (unless he decides to list it on our marketplace, like that will ever happen…), this is what our first 10 can expect. Here is a glimpse below:

2D Design based on the original character artwork
Current 3D Design for the in-game character skin

Why are you releasing a 2v2 mode before the Battle Royale?

Good question. Ultimately, the 2v2 mode will initially allow us to onboard players into a faster paced and more simple game mode, whilst still offering a really fun experience that you can enjoy with a friend.

The 2v2 mode will give players the opportunity to fully explore and test the game mechanics and a wide variety of weapons. We will be able to gather feedback and valuable information more efficiently from this mode and it allows us to test everything on a smaller scale, whilst building up the Battle Royale.

This will be a mode we are committed to, and will remain a main feature of Warfare One alongside the Battle Royale mode. We believe it will make for a more competitive experience, with players being able to play objective based modes whilst taking advantage of tactical equipment, smart positioning and weapon spawns.

Our inspirations come from Gunfight from Modern Warfare (2019) and Arenas from Apex Legends. We all had a huge amount of fun playing these game modes, and it offers a different pacing to the general Battle Royale gameplay.

We will have more information regarding how to gain access to the first playtests and also future BETAs soon. But for now, we build.

Team Updates

We say goodbye and thank you to dampbaby, one of the original two founders of the project. He made us aware that he wishes to take a step back and focus on other areas within his life. We wish dampbaby all the best with his future endeavours!

We also have some team additions! We welcome Redguard, Pikipallo and Maxzen to the ranks of Peacekeeper!

Peacekeepers will act as community guides and will represent Warfare One. We welcome them all wholeheartedly into the inner workings and development of the project, seeking their valuable feedback and opinions, and altogether assisting us with project related decisions.

We are thrilled to have them all onboard and helping out, thank you for all that you guys have done and continue to do for the project!

Website Progress

The desktop version of the website is nearly complete, and will be launching next week! The mobile version will follow in the weeks after.

We were hoping to release the website to the community earlier. However, we decided on some improvements and design changes that led to a slightly longer build time. Quality is imperative to us, we want to set a high bar that we will consistently keep hitting, and really hope that you can see this when you view the website for the first time.

We will be posting an announcement and releasing our website very soon, and we are super excited to hear everyone's opinions and feedback!

Glimpse of the Warfare One Home Page

Game Development Insight

Warfare One game development is right on track. With the inclusion of the 2v2 mode, we have been able to focus more on fundamental game mechanics such as movement. We are experimenting with vaulting and rolling mechanics, and will also be adding a slide mechanic soon. These will all play important roles within the game, and will work differently.

We are currently tweaking the camera angles, to hit that sweet spot that we can move forward with permanently. Our first small map, made specifically for the 2v2 mode, is being designed by our game dev team. This will allow us to have a better testing environment and allow us to refine features where needed.

As we have said previously, the 2v2 will be a faster paced, more competitive mode. The map is designed around this, and is mirrored. Here is a glimpse of the map layout:

Abandoned Storage — First draft layout

In the past two weeks, we have designed and are implementing our base weapons. We decided to replace the MP5 with the PPSH, which will be reflected in our updated Gitbook. This allows us more variance in the gameplay. We want each weapon to be unique and feel different, and also have its own advantages in certain situations. Take a look at the 3D Model below.

PPSH 3D Model

So far in the current game cycle, we have:
-Improved the lobby system
-Refined the camera angles and distances
-Added vaulting feature
-Implemented first grenade system
-Added and testing trap systems and grass to hide in (subject to change)

What we are focusing on now:
-Finding the sweet spot for movement mechanics and improving animations (running, sprinting, rolling, vaulting)
-Implementing and working on individual weapon values
-Working on our first map and game mode
-Improving the grenade system
-Improving revive system
-Improving game UI

Here is a screenshot to show an example of how the camera angle will look during gameplay. Keep in my mind we do not have a line of sight system implemented yet, and this is in our basic test environment!

We want to assure everyone that we are 100% fully committed to building Warfare One, despite some changes. We are super excited to get the first version of the game in peoples hands, and look forward to hearing any feedback or suggestions you have. Its super important that this is the communities game, and anything you want to share, please do so in Discord, or reach out to us!

Thanks for reading, and also for all of the support you have given us so far.

Until next time Abductees!



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